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Climate characteristic of winter 2019-2020

Winter season 2019-2020 was abnormally warm, average temperature in Belarus was + 1.5 ° С, that is 5.5 °С above climate normal. 
Such a warm winter in Belarus was noted for the first time in the history of meteorological observations. The previous record belonged to the winter season 1989-1990 with an average air temperature of -0.1°С. Positive air temperature anomaly was observed everywhere. The largest positive deviations of air temperature from climate normal were observed in the Vitebsk region (6.1 °C in the region), the smallest - in the Brest region - 4.9 ° C in the region.        
Deviation of average air temperature of winter from climate normal (4,0°С)
across the Republic of Belarus    
All three months were very warm. December was very warm with average monthly air temperature of + 1.9ºС, which is 5.2 ° С above climate normal. December 2019 took 2nd place (after December 2006) in a ranked series of observations from the warmest to the coldest months. In January average air temperature was + 1.1 ° C, that is 5.5 ° C above climate normal. Such warm January in the history of meteorological observations is observed for the first time. Prior to this temperature record belonged to January 2007 with an average temperature of + 0.5 ° C.      
February 2020 was very warm with average air temperature of +1,6°С, that is 5,9°С above climate normal. February with such warm average monthly air temperatures is observed for the second time in the post-war period. The warmest is February 1990 (+ 2.6 ° C).    

Average air temperature and climate normal of winter season in the Republic of Belarus  
The maximum value (+ 12.8 °С) for this winter was reached on December 18 at Drogichin station. The minimum value was observed at Jezerische station on February 8 and was -11.1 ° C. Absolute maximum of temperatures for months were not exceeded despite high air temperatures. During winter season average daily air temperature did not move steadily through 0 °С towards the lowering point. Climate winter did not occur, temperature regime for three months corresponded to November and March. 
In average of 125 mm of precipitation fell out in the country, which is 104% of climate normal during the winter of 2019-2020. The maximum amount of precipitation during the winter fell out in the Vitebsk region (158 mm or 118% of climate normal), less precipitation (102 mm) was observed in the Brest region  (90% of climate normal for the season).                 

              Amount of precipitations in winter and climate normal across the regions and the Republic of Belarus   
December and February were characterized by slight excess of precipitation. There was a lack of precipitation in January. In December 48.1 mm of precipitation fell out with a climate normal of 45 mm, in January – 36.8 mm with a norm of 40 mm, in February – 39.6 mm with a norm of 35 mm.      

Amount of precipitations and climate normal of winter of months    
Precipitation fell out in forms of rain, snow and sleet. Throughout the winter season formation of stable snow cover was not observed. Snow lay in places for a short time with height of 0.1-12.0 cm. Snow cover at individual observation points was in range from 0.5 to 4 cm (weather station Ezerische), on the territory of Brest and Gomel regions it was completely absent on the last day of the month.  The 2019-20 season was the most snowless in the history of meteorological observations.     
Fog, sleet were observed on a separate days. Wind was strengthened up to 15 m / s and higher on separate days. The maximum wind speed of 25 m / s has reached a hazard criterion and was recorded in Oshmyany on February 23. 
Due to abnormally warm weather thunderstorms were observed this winter, which considered to be a very rare winter phenomenon. Averagely in winter months they occur every 15-20 years. In January thunderstorms were noted in Minsk and Mogilev (January 22). The last time in January thunderstorm was registered in Minsk in 1958, in Mogilev – in 1983. Thunderstorms were also observed In February in places throughout the country. Thunderstorms were observed in Minsk and Novogrudok on February 18.  The last time thunderstorm was registered in Minsk in February in 2008, in Novogrudok – in 2017.          

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