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Overview of agrometeorological situation of April 16, 2021

Passing rains replenished the moisture content in the soil, causing waterlogging of already dry soils in a number of regions of the republic. Almost throughout the entire territory of Mogilev, in a number of districts of Vitebsk, as well as in places in other regions, there is a strong moistening of the upper 10-centimeter soil layer. In the rest of the republic, the topsoil is in a moderately moist state.
In spring grain crops germination of grain is in progress, shoots appear on the earliest crops in the southern regions. Due to the unstable temperature regime, the duration of the "sowing-emergence" period is about two weeks. Winter grain crops continue tillering, and in the south-west of the republic they have begun to grow into the tube. In winter rape, in some places the beginning of stem growth was noted. Visual assessments of the state of winter crops in many of the observed fields are satisfactory. After overwintering, there is a damping out and damage to crops by snow mold, in low areas, soaking is observed.

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