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Overview of agrometeorological situation of April 23, 2021

According to the results of the route survey in most of the territory of Belarus, the state of winter grain crops after overwintering turned out to be somewhat worse than last year. At the same time, in most regions, the fields with winter grain crops were in good condition. Only in the Vitebsk region, a significant part of the crops came out of winter in a satisfactory condition. A strong sparseness of winter grain crops was noted in isolated fields. The main cause of damage and death of wintering crops was damping out, freezing, soaking took place in low areas, and snow mold developed on crops.
Winter rape, in comparison with grain crops, overwintered less successfully. The worst winters were rapeseed in the eastern part and in the northern region of the republic. In the Gomel and Mogilev regions, a good condition of rapeseed was noted in less than half of the crops. In the Vitebsk region, winter rape was in good condition only on a fifth of the surveyed fields, and on the rest of the tracts, most of the crops received a satisfactory assessment.

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