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Overview of agrometeorological situation of August 3, 2021

The predominance of an increased temperature regime in July and a lack of moisture in the soil in a number of regions, especially in the southeastern part and in the east of the republic, complicated the conditions for the formation of the potato crop. Soil temperatures were generally well above the optimum.
According to the latest observation data on the main tracts, potatoes have bloomed; in some areas, early and mid-early varieties showed a natural wilting of the tops. The average mass of tubers under one bush at the end of July is inferior to the level of previous years for the same period. Some weather stations reported late blight damage to potatoes. According to visual assessments, the state of potato plantings is generally good, in a number of areas it is satisfactory.
The previous rains have significantly improved the moisture supply of potatoes in the western half of the republic. In combination with the establishment of a moderate temperature regime in the near future, conditions for the formation of a potato crop in a larger area will be quite favorable. However, in the southeastern part of the country, where there is little rainfall, the persisting soil drought will restrain the growth of tubers.

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