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Overview of agrometeorological situation of January 06, 2021

Agrometeorological conditions for wintering winter crops are satisfactory, no dangerous agrometeorological phenomena are observed. According to the latest data, a small snow cover with a height of 1 cm to 8 cm is observed in most of the territory of Belarus, only in the extreme northern regions in the fields the snow height is about 15-25 cm. In most regions of the republic, the soil is thawed or there is a small frozen layer. The soil temperature at the depth of the tillering node of winter grain crops in the second half of December and at the beginning of January remained mostly close to 0°C. Under such conditions, the plants lost their hardening.
A decrease in temperature, expected at the end of the first decade of January, does not pose a danger to wintering crops. With a gradual decrease in air and soil temperature, winter crops undergo re-hardening and restore frost resistance. In addition, snow cover should increase in many regions of Belarus.

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