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Overview of agrometeorological situation of July 31, 2020

Agrometeorological conditions for harvesting cereal crops were generally satisfactory this week. Threshing of grain was carried out as the stalk dried out. Grain crops have reached full ripeness according to the latest data, in most of the territory of the republic, waxy ripeness of grain is noted in Vitebsk and Mogilev regions. Spring wheat begun to ripen, grain filling continues in the north-east of the country. The moisture content of grain has decreased, but remains mostly increased. Moisture content of harvested grain is close to conditioned. According to a number of meteorological stations in the southern half of the country. Harvesting of grain crops is proceeding, flax is pulled, fodder is harvested, harvesting of winter rape is completed.     
Unstable weather will restrain maturation and drying of grain in the near future. Agrometeorological conditions will become better at the beginning of next week.   

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