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Overview of agrometeorological situation of June 22, 2022

The rains recorded in the second decade of June on a large territory of the republic maintained sufficient reserves of moisture in the soil. According to the results of the instrumental determination of moisture content, as of June 18, the reserves of productive moisture in the soil in most areas remained good for the growth and development of crops. However, in the southern part of the republic, there was a shortage of precipitation, so the moisture supply of crops deteriorated, and areas with a lack of moisture expanded. At the same time, the condition of crops is good according to visual assessments of most weather stations.

The rains that have passed off in the last two days over most of the territory of the republic have replenished the reserves of soil moisture, most significantly in the northern half of Belarus. In the south of the country, the lack of soil moisture may persist in some areas where precipitation fell much less.
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