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Overview of agrometeorological situation of May 8, 2020

Passed rains moistened soil significantly, that increased argometeorological situation. 10-cm topsoil is moderately moistened on major territory of the republic on May 8.  Strong moistening is observed in a range of Vitebsk and Mogilev areas and in the south-east part of Gomel region.  
It will be difficult to sow heat-loving crops, to care agricultural activities in the coming days due to water-logging. 
Formation of the productivity of cereal crops and rapeseed, conditions for the growth of grasses improved after the past rains. Vegetative mass is growing in winter crops, tillering begins in spring crops and in early seedlings of corn appeared in the southern half of the country.
In the coming days agrometeorological conditions for the growth and development of most crops will be quite satisfactory. However, due to the threat of freezing in some areas, there is probability of damage to flowers and emerging ovary of fruit crops, emerged seedlings of corn.

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