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Overview of agrometeorological situation of May 18, 2021

Passing rains increase the area with waterlogged soil, especially in the western part of Belarus. According to the latest data of visual observations in Grodno, in the west of Minsk, in the northern half of the Brest region and in places in other regions, there is a strong moistening of the upper 10-centimeter soil layer, which complicates the sowing of heat-loving crops, the completion of potato planting, and agrotechnical measures for the care of plants. In a moderately moist state, the top 10 cm soil layer is found mainly in the eastern half of the country.
Primarily in the southern half of the republic, spring grain crops began tillering. Under the influence of low temperatures expected in the near future, tillering of plants will be longer, which should have a beneficial effect on the density of the stem. Taking into account the current and expected agrometeorological conditions, earing of early-maturing cereal grasses (the optimal time for the beginning of harvesting) in the southern part of the republic is expected in the third decade of May, in the rest of the territory - in late May-early June. Harvesting of late-ripening cereal grasses (timothy grass) in most areas can be started in the first half of June.

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