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Overview of agrometeorological situation of May 19, 2020

Cold weather slows down crop development. Accumulated sum of effective temperatures above + 5 °C since the beginning of the growing season is 70-90°C lower than last year. Average soil temperature at a depth of 10 cm ranges mainly from +9 to +13°C. Germination of grain, emergence of seedlings and further development of heat-loving crops are delayed at this temperature. Some weather stations noted damage to sprouted corn leaves, spring crops were affected on peatlands of Polesie due to night freezing. 
Upper 10 cm soil layer is mainly in a moderately wet state. Weak moistening of the upper soil layer remains due to the uneven distribution of precipitation in some regions of the southern part of the country, which also complicates condition for sowing and emergence of heat-loving crops.   
Agrometeorological situation will not change significantly in the near future, ue to the continuing threat of freezing. 

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