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Overview of agrometeorological situation of May 26, 2020

Agrometeorological conditions for the development of crops improved due to increase of temperature.    
Stem growth continues on the main massifs of winter grain crops; heading began at a time close to last year in the southern half of the republic; rye marked the beginning of flowering in some places in Gomel region. 
There was an exit into the tube on the crops of spring grain crops in most areas of the republic, stem growth is observed, tillering phase is continuing in the northern region.       
Appearance of inflorescences was noted in alfalfa in the southern half of Belarus, heading began in early ripening cereal grasses, which indicates the readiness of herbs for the first mowing. Agrometeorological conditions prevailing this spring (low night temperatures, uneven moisture supply) negatively affected the formation of grass stand productivity.   
Rains expected this week will hinder harvesting of hay and complicate conditions for protective measures for crops care. Rains should increase the soil moisture content (in some places in the southern part of the country on light soils reserves of productive moisture are still below the norm). Agrometeorological conditions for green mass accumulation and grass growth will improve after the first mowing.       

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