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Overview of agrometeorological situation of September 08, 2020

According to the latest data of visual observations on a large territory of Belarus, the upper 10-centimeter soil layer is in a moderately moist state, which is favorable for sowing winter grain crops, emergence of seedlings and further development of winter rapeseed. In areas where the most intense rains took place the day before, waterlogging of the upper soil layer is noted. In such areas, tillage for winter sowing and harvesting is difficult. Due to the uneven distribution of precipitation in the southeast of the Gomel oblast, the upper 10-centimeter soil layer is poorly moistened.
The agrometeorological situation this week will contribute to the germination of grain and the emergence of seedlings of winter grain crops, the formation of leaves of winter rape. In the coming days, more favorable conditions for harvesting, primarily cereal crops are expected in the southern regions of the republic. Towards the end of the week, improved harvesting weather is expected in many parts of the country.

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