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Overview of agrometeorological situation of September 29, 2020

Previous rains have moistened the topsoil. Most significant rains have replenished the soil moisture reserves in the north-eastern part of the republic. Soil is still dry in some central districts of the Gomel region at a depth of 10 cm.  
Shoots and third leaf are noted in winter cereals sown in the first and second decades of September. Tillering began on earliest crops. Duration of sowing-germination period is generally 6-8 days. Seedlings of winter grain crops appear in a week and a half in areas where topsoil is not sufficiently moistened.  
In the coming days expected short-term rains should increase areas with sufficient moistening of topsoil. But lack of soil moisture will preserved in Gomel region. Conditions for potatoes, root crops harvesting, and feed storing will be satisfactory. 

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