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Review of the agrometeorological situation of April 30,2020

Past rains moistened the topsoil not everywhere. Soil is still slightly moistened at a depth of 10 cm in many regions of Belarus. The upper soil horizon is dry in central areas of Gomel region and according to reports of separate meteostations of Mogilev region. Good moistening of the upper soil layer is observed mainly in the southwestern half and in the north-east of the country. 
Unfavorable conditions remain for the emerging of spring crops, for the growth of grasses and for the formation of the productivity of winter crops in areas with lack of moisture.  
First leaves are observed in fruit trees, in the southern part of Belarus plum and cherry blossoms are observed. In the first decade of May flowering of pome fruits and pears will begin throughout the country, mass flowering of the apple tree is expected in the first half of May. Agrometeorological situation should improve in the beginning of May. Rains expected in many areas will replenish the moisture content in the soil, especially in its upper layers.    

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