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Review of the agrometeorological situation of July 07, 2018

 There are 1,5-2 weeks in advance compared to last year in the development of winter cereal crops. According to recent data of observations on main winter crops grain filling continues. There is a grain maturity in southern part of the country - gold ripeness is registered. After past rains conditions for grain filling improved. Average number of grains in spike of winter crops is about 35-50 at most observation sites, there are 30-34 grains and less at some of them. Certain meteorological stations registered increased numbers of immature spikes – 4-6 units, according to data of meteorological station Vasilevichi – 8 units.
There is grain maturity of summer barley, oat and partially of summer wheat at most observation sites - milky ripeness is registered. There is a beginning of summer barley gold ripeness in some areas of Brest region. Spike formation continues at late sowing of summer sown cereals. There are 350-600 stems with spike at most observation sites with summer crops per 1 m2, 650-770 - at selected sites. In a quarter of observation fields productive haulm stand  is thin – 160-310 spiciferous stems per 1 m2.
In the near future moderate temperature regime and sufficient water availability will contribute to increasing of the grain maturity duration what will have a positive impact on spike full weight.

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