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Review of the agrometeorological situation of June 14, 2019

 According to recent observational data, heading stage of spring cereal crops started in  the southern part of Belarus and in certain areas of the remain part of the country.  Visual assessment of the state of spring cereal crops are good. However, because of hot and dry weather, agrometeorological conditions for acquisition of vegetative mass and for formation of productivity of spring crops worsened. Weather conditions cause further loss of soil moisture. Plants flagging, yellowing, leaf roll and drying are observed on the fields with barley at certain meteorological stations mainly in the south-east part of the country. According to data of meteorological station Gomel, drought reached criterion of dangerous agrometeorological phenomenon – there is no any significant precipitation during the month, low content of soil moisture remains.
Hot weather with deficit of precipitations will complicate agrometeorological conditions for formation of ear of spring sown cereals till the end of the 2nd decade of June. In the coming days, expected local rains won’t significantly fulfill content of soil moisture. Amelioration of water availability on sowings will be possible only in certain parts of the country.

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