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Review of the agrometeorological situation of June 4, 2019

According to recent observation data, winter cereal crops began to form ears throughout the country. Flowering started on the winter bread corn almost everywhere and on the wheat and triticale in many areas. The most solid plant stand was formed in Grodno and Brest regions. Ear formation is carried out with sufficient water availability on the main fields with winter crops. However, because of uneven precipitations, sowings are characterized by moisture deficit – water content decreased up to moderate and low. According to data of meteorological station Bobruysk and Oktyabr, content of productive moisture in plough layer decreased up to 2-3 cm, there is a lack pf productive moisture at the observation point MS Gomel. Meteorological station Gomel and Lyntupy decreased its visual assessment of state of cereals crops up to moderate on the observation fields – yellowing and leaf roll because of soil drought are registered.
In the coming days, lack of soil moisture will remain in certain areas because of expected local rains that may adversely affect productivity of cereal ear.

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