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Review of the agrometeorological situation of June 7, 2019

Such warm weather causes intense moisture loss especially in the topsoil. According to recent observational data, areas with poor moistening of topsoil increased, topsoil is dry in certain areas of the Republic. This complicates ploughing of inter-row spacing of vegetable crops, potato hilling-up; vegetable crops need additional watering. According to data of meteorological stations, lack of soil moisture is registered in lower soil horizon – plants flagging, yellowing and leaf roll of cereal crops and flax are observed in certain south-east, central and north-west areas of the country. According to data of the meteorological station Gomel, stem drying started on cereal crops. Increased air temperatures accelerate development of fiber flax and reduce the period of stem growth that may adversely affect technical length of fiber.
Expected rains should moisten soil and ameliorate water availability of agricultural crops at the end of the week. In the coming days, agrometeorological conditions will be favorable for development of heat-loving plants. Speed of corn leaf formation and intensity of accumulation of plant material will increase.

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