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Review of the agrometeorological situation of May 3, 2019

 Extremely dry weather of April caused significant reduction of soil moisture content. Stem growth started on winter cereal crops, initiation of ear is in the process – it is a period of maximum consumption of moisture. According to the results of instrumental moisture determination under winter cereal crops made in the end of month, content of productive moisture fell to moderate values in the tilth-top soil on most areas, resources of moisture content are not sufficient in certain areas. Content of productive moisture also fell up to moderate values in half-meter soil layer mainly in southern part of Belarus. Moisture deficit is observed under winter rape and perennial herbs, insufficient moistening of ploughed horizon is registered on the fields with spring crops in certain area of southern Belarus and in the west.
Past intermittent rains moistened topsoil only a little bit in early May. According to data of visual observations, topsoil is still poor moistened on most of the Republic, in some areas – it is completely dry.
Expected rains in the end of this week should ameliorate agrometeorological situation. However, because of uneven distribution of expected precipitations, insufficient moisture may remain on certain areas.

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