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Review of the agrometeorological situation of May 15, 2018

The predominance of warm weather since the beginning of the growing season has accelerated the accumulation of effective heat. By the middle of May, the accumulated sum of effective temperatures above + 5 ° C is from 270 ° C on average in the Vitebsk region to 390 ° C in the Brest region, which is 160-200 ° C higher than the average multiyear values ​​and 180-240 ° C more in compared with last year. Under the influence of unusually warm weather, the development of agricultural crops is accelerating. Due to the prevailing agrometeorological conditions this year, perennial grasses and clovers ripen for the first cuts much earlier than last year's terms. On the significant territory of the republic, the accumulated heat is sufficient to start earing early ripening grasses, in the southern part of the country the appearance of inflorescences in alfalfa and clover began. This indicates the arrival of the optimal time for the beginning of the first cut of these crops. In the near future, as the ripening of herbs, the economy will increase the rate of fodder harvesting. In most of the observed fields this year the grass is higher than last year for the same period. However, due to a long deficit of precipitation on light soils, mainly in the southern part of the country, there is already a shortage of soil moisture. Passing and expected in the current week, short rains in many areas should moisten the soil, improving the conditions for the growth of grasses. But due to the uneven distribution of precipitation in some areas, especially in the south-eastern region of the republic, a lack of soil moisture may remain.

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