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Hydrometeorological Service of Belarus celebrates 95 years old!

 Dear Colleagues!

I cordially congratulate you with 95th anniversary of the establishment of Hydrometeorological Service of the Republic of Belarus!  

From July 1, 1924, in accordance with the order of Public Commissariat of Agriculture of BSSR No. 80 dated May 22, 1924, Meteorological Bureau of the Experimental Department of the Public Commissariat, first central body of future Hydrometeorological Service of the Republic of Belarus, began its work . This day is considered to be the date of formation of Hydrometeorological Service of Belarus. 
Over past 95 years Hydrometeorological Service of the Republic of Belarus has repeatedly undergone periodic recessions and booms. The period of Great Patriotic War, when many employees were lost, stations and posts of hydrometeorological observers were destroyed, was a difficult test. Hydrometeorological service in a short time restored most of stations and posts and ensured work of forecasting service.   

Until the present day traditions of integrated approach to study of atmospheric processes are carefully preserved in Belhydromet Considerable attention is paid to development of operational activities based on use of modern information technologies and latest computing and telecommunication capabilities. Modernization and expansion of network of radar observations, new technologies of hydrometeorological observations are being actively introduced.  

I note with satisfaction the gradual increase to international cooperation in framework of WMO and other international organizations and, of course, in framework of the Union State Committee on Hydrometeorology and Environmental Pollution Monitoring and CIS Interstate Council for Hydrometeorology. 
On a wonderful day of Jubilee please accept our most sincere and good wishes for continued success in hard work for the benefit of our country, as well as new achievements in the field of hydrometeorology, implementation of plans and successful completion of all projects started.

We can together preserve and enhance our traditions, achieve new successes! 

Please accept warmest words of gratitude and appreciation for your work, for your devotion to the chosen case. I wish you good health, happiness and well-being. 

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