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Climate characteristic of spring 2020

Average air temperature of spring 2020 was +7,1°С, that is 0,2°С above climate normal. This spring took 23th place in a ranked series of observations from the warmest to the coldest for the period 1945-2020.   
Deviation of average air temperature of spring from climate normal 
across the Republic of Belarus    
Positive anomaly of air temperature this spring spread all over the territory of Belarus. Maximum values of deviation were observed in Vitebsk and Mogilev regions (+ 0,3°С on average in each region). Minimum values were noted in Minsk and Brest regions (+0,1°С on average in each region).
Air temperature in March was 3,4°С above climate normal. Air temperature in April and May was 0,5 и 2,4 °С below climate normal.  

 Average air temperature and climate normal of spring season in the Republic of Belarus in 2020 
Steady transition of average daily air temperature through 0 °С to the upward direction (the beginning of spring in climatology) was not observed in Belarus this year, since there was no climate winter (average daily air temperature through 0 °С did not go downward in winter months).     
March was warm. Average air temperature for the month was + 3.6 °С, that is 3.4 °С above climate normal. Such warm March in the country happens every 10-15 years. Positive air temperature anomaly spread everywhere and reached highest values in Mogilev region (4,0 °C on average in the region), lowest values were noted  in Brest region (2,8 °C on average in the region). Minimum air temperature was recorded on March 24 at Berezinsky Reserve station (-10.9 °C). This is the lowest temperature for the season.               

Amount of precipitation in spring and climate normal across regions and the Republic of Belarus   

121 mm of precipitation or 89% of climate normal fell out on the territory of Belarus during spring season. Maximum amount of precipitation recorded in Mogilev region was 155 mm or 120% of climate normal. There was a deficit of precipitation in the rest of the territory, minimum amount of precipitation was registered in Minsk region - 101 mm or 72% of climate normal.       
Moisture regime was uneven during the season. 
34 mm of precipitation or 86% of climate normal fell out in March. Excess of moisture was observed in the territory of Mogilev region, where 47 mm or 131% of climate normal fell out during the month. Amount of precipitation was below climate normal in the rest of the country. The smallest amount was observed in Brest region - 23 mm or 65% of climate normal. Precipitation fell out in the form of rain, snow and sleet. Snow cover was absent in most of the country, it was established for a short time only in places with precipitation in the form of snow. Snow cover with a height of 0.1-6 cm was observed mainly in the east and southeast of the country on the last day of the month. Fogs were observed in places in the republic on a separate day, light ice and ice were observed on some sections of the road.  Snowstorm was observed in Grodno on March 14. Thunderstorms, hail, and increased wind gusts of 20 m/s or more were noted. The maximum wind speed that has reached the OA criteria was recorded at Oshmyany station (25 m /s) on March 13 and Grodno (27 m /s) on March 14 - this is the highest wind speed for the spring season.       
13 mm of precipitation or 34% of climate normal fell out in April. This April took 4th place in a ranked series of observations from the driest to the wettest.  The driest month was April 2019 with 7.0 mm of precipitation. Moisture deficiency was observed throughout the country. Most of precipitation fell out in Vitebsk and Mogilev regions, where 17 mm of precipitation or 44 and 42% of climate normal fell out. The least of precipitation was recorded in Gomel region - 8 mm or 19% of climate normal. Thunderstorms were observed throughout the month on a separate day, hail in places, fogs were observed, and ice was observed at the beginning of the month. In April, Maximum wind gusts in April were 15-24 m /s.      
There was an excess of rainfall in the country - 75 mm or 127% of climate normal in May. It spread unevenly throughout the country. Most of the precipitation fell out in Gomel region. 94 mm or 165% of climate normal fell out in the region. Such large amount of precipitation in this region is observed approximately every 15 years starting from 1945. The least precipitation fell out in Minsk region. 58 mm of precipitation or 96% of climate normal fell out.  Precipitation fell out frequently. Their amount exceeded 20 mm on separate days. Maximum daily rainfall (41.0 mm) was recorded on May 7 in Kostyukovichi and on May 30 in Gantsevichi. Rains in places were accompanied by thunderstorms, hail and increased wind gusts of up to 15-22 m /s.           

  Amount of precipitations and climate normal of spring season 2020 in the Republic of Belarus 

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