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RECOMMENDATIONS of conduction in extreme weather conditions during summer period

In case of heat, it is recommended:
•,to close windows with shutters and curtains during the day, and to open them only for  night. If possible, during the hours of the highest temperature increase, you should stay at home and use air conditioning; 
• to drink 1.5 - 2 liters of water daily, to avoid alcohol, as well as drinks containing caffeine and large amounts of sugar; 
• to wear headwear and light-colored clothing, to limit sun exposure;  
• diet should be changed in favor of summer salads, mineral water, juices and cold soups;
• to drivers not to drive under the sun if  car is not equipped with air conditioning.  

• do not make a fire in a dry forest or on a moor. Do not set fire to dry grass in fields or glades in the forest;
• ever leave a fire unattended! Keep the prepared fuel in about three to five meters from the burning fire;
• if the fire is just beginning to flare up, try to bring down the flame with a broom from green branches or throw it with earth. Report the incident to the nearest locality or forestry;
• if the fire is strong, your task is to leave dangerous place as soon as possible;
• to avoid windbreaks: dry trees and grass flash instantly; 
• relatively safe places are plowed field, large wasteland or rocky ridge. 

If storm caughts you off guard:
• to avoid detached trees;
• while working in the field, leave  metal tools;
• do not stand under open umbrella;
• do not touch electrical objects and take them out of your pockets;
• turn off cell phone (there were cases when an incoming call caused lightning strike);
• if possible, wait out storm in the car; 
• stay away from tall metal structures;
• do not bathe, do not ford the river, move away from the reservoir;
• it is impossible to lie on the ground, since the earth is a good conductor of electricity and lightning can get into it;
• try not to be at the highest point on the ground.  

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