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Overview of agrometeorological situation of August 12, 2021

The moisture supply of agricultural crops in the first ten days of August improved, but not everywhere - in the southeastern part of Belarus, there was still a shortage of precipitation. According to the results of the instrumental determination of moisture in most of the country under potatoes, root crops, corn and grasses, the reserves of productive moisture in the soil are good, in some western and north-western regions of the country after intense rains, they are increased. At the same time, in the southeastern part of the republic, the moisture supply of agricultural crops remains insufficient. According to the data of the Zhlobin and Gomel meteorological stations, the soil is almost completely dried up, on the observed fields due to soil drought, the state of corn is poor, and drying of plants is noted.
In the near future, in the southeastern part of the country, the lack of moisture in the soil will remain. Agrometeorological conditions for the formation of the harvest of late agricultural crops will remain difficult here.

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