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Overview of agrometeorological situation of July 15, 2020

Meteorological stations of the republic selectively conducted a survey of flax crops at the end of June and in the first ten days of July. Average height of flax this year is higher than last year according to its results, only in Grodno region it is close to last year. There was an average, strong lodging of flax in some places in the Mogilev region due to heavy rains and wind. Partial wetting of crops is observed in Chausky and Mogilev districts in low places. Visual assessments of common flax condition are good and satisfactory, and are excellent in places in Brest region. Weed infestation or crops is mostly weak.     
Early flax seed ripeness occurred in flax in the southern half of Belarus according to last data, green ripeness of seeds is observed, in the rest of the territory, harvesting has begun. 
Phase of early yellow ripeness is considered to be optimal time for flax harvesting. Plucked out stems at this time have sufficiently flexible and strong fiber.   

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