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Overview of agrometeorological situation of June 10, 2022

Agrometeorological conditions for the formation of the first mowing of perennial grasses this year were quite difficult. The lack of heat in the spring held back their growth and development. From the beginning of the growing season to the end of the first ten days of June, effective temperatures above +5°C accumulated 40-80°C less than the average long-term values and 20-60°C less than last year. In most of the territory of Belarus, early-ripening and mid-ripening grasses (clover, alfalfa) have reached harvesting maturity, in the southern part of the country and late-ripening cereal grasses. In connection with the improvement of heat supply, combined with the abundance of soil moisture in the main massifs, the agrometeorological conditions for the growth of grasses are favorable. In the coming days, the expected short-term rains in some places may complicate hay harvesting.
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