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Overview of agrometeorological situation of June 23, 2020

Reserves of productive moisture in soil in most areas are good for crops’ growth and development according to results of instrumental determination of moisture on June 18. Moisture reserves were low on the date of moisture determination in the east of Gomel region, where only one third of normal fell out during two decades of June. Moisture supply of crops is satisfactory in the south and in the west parts of the country. Past rains in these areas have largely replenished moisture reserves after determining soil moisture.  There was still not much precipitation in the eastern part of Gomel region. Cereal crops show yellowing, twisting and drying of leaves from drought according to observations of Gomel meteorological station.   
In the near future formation of grain crops over the whole territory of the republic, increase of corn green mass, growth and development of potatoes, will pass on the background of good heat supply and sufficient increased soil moisture reserves. Agrometeorological conditions create possibilities for emergence and development of crop diseases, that requires protective measures.          

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