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Overview of agrometeorological situation of June 2, 2021

The moisture supply of agricultural crops is good in most areas. In some areas in Vitebsk, Minsk and in the north of Mogilev regions, moisture reserves in the soil remain elevated. Due to the uneven distribution of precipitation in a number of regions in the south of the country, the moisture supply of cereal crops has worsened, and the reserves of productive moisture have decreased to satisfactory. In some fields under winter crops, the moisture reserves in the soil are insufficient, yellowing and drying of the leaves began.
The predominantly rainless weather in early June will contribute to the drying out of waterlogged soils. The conditions for the beginning of the harvesting of forage, the conduct of agrotechnical measures for the care of crops will be favorable. At the same time, areas with a lack of moisture can expand on light soils.

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