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Overview of agrometeorological situation of June 2, 2023

A long period of lack of rain led to significant losses of soil moisture. The reserves of productive moisture in the arable horizon under grain crops, winter rape and perennial grasses, which in this period make maximum use of soil moisture, decreased by 2-3 times compared to the middle of May. Low reserves of productive moisture are observed in many observed fields in the Brest, Minsk and Gomel regions and in places in the rest of the republic. In some areas in the Gomel region, the arable layer is almost completely dried up. According to visual estimates of a number of weather stations in the Vitebsk, Minsk and Gomel regions, the condition of grain crops has deteriorated, yellowing, twisting and drying of leaves has begun due to drought, spring shoots are sparse in places in the Vitebsk region.
Weak rains do not significantly change the agrometeorological situation. In the near future, the continuing shortage of precipitation will lead to an increase in soil drought, the areas covered by drought will expand.
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