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Overview of agrometeorological situation of May 24, 2022

The rains that took place at the end of last week most moistened the soil in the eastern part, in the northern and central regions of Belarus. According to the latest visual observations over most of the country, the top 10-cm soil layer is well moistened. Predominantly in the southwestern region and in some places in the west of the republic, where there was noticeably less precipitation, according to individual weather stations, weak moistening of the upper 10-cm soil layer remains. The predominance of a low temperature regime still hinders the development of agricultural crops, especially heat-loving ones, and does not have the best effect on the accumulation of the vegetative mass of grasses.
In the coming days, the agrometeorological situation will not change significantly. Rains expected in the second half of the week will keep the soil well moistened.
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