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Overview of agrometeorological situation of May 26, 2023

Under the influence of sunny and mostly dry weather, the loss of soil moisture continues. In the upper 10-centimeter layer, almost the entire territory of Belarus has a shortage of moisture – according to the latest visual observations, the soil is poorly moistened or dry. On the lightest soils, the lack of moisture is also felt in the deeper horizons of the soil. According to some weather stations, yellowing and twisting of leaves caused by drought began on winter grain crops. Lack of moisture does not have the best effect on the regrowth of grasses after mowing.
In the near future, the agrometeorological situation will become more complicated. The continuing shortage of precipitation will cause a further deterioration in the moisture supply of plants. The frosts expected at the end of this week and at the beginning of next week in places across the republic can be dangerous primarily for the emergence of buckwheat seedlings, heat-loving vegetable crops. In private and suburban areas, it is necessary to take care of the shelter of heat-loving plants.
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