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Overview of agrometeorological situation of October 23, 2020

The warm weather and the abundance of moisture in the soil contribute to the further development of the winter crops and the appearance of the seedlings in the late cereals. Winter grain crops sown before September 20, in the Brest region - until September 25, are tillering. On crops produced at a later date, the 3rd leaf is noted, and shoots appear on October crops. In winter rape, the growth of leaves continues. Visual assessments of the crop condition are generally good. In the near future, the development of winter crops will continue, more active in the Southern part of Belarus.
Due to the past rains in a number of regions, mainly in the North-East of the republic, there is waterlogging of the soil, which makes it difficult to carry out harvesting and autumn tillage. In the last five days of October, agrometeorological conditions for carrying out field agricultural work will be more favorable.

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