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Overview of agrometeorological situation of October 29, 2021

The development of winter grain crops during the past period of the autumn growing season took place in conditions of good moisture supply on the main tracts and a lack of heat. Since the beginning of September, the effective temperatures above + 5°С have accumulated less than last year's indicators for the same period. Due to the prevailing agrometeorological conditions, the development of winter grain crops is lagging behind last year. According to the latest data, in most of the observed fields, the third leaf and seedlings are observed in winter cereal crops, and the formation of nodal roots is taking place. Tillering of wheat and triticale is observed on crops grown before September 10-12, rye and barley - until September 15-20. In some places in the Brest region, tillering of rye, sown in the third decade of September, began. Seedlings of winter crops appeared on the plots sown in the first decade of October.
In the near future the expected warm weather will prolong the autumn vegetation of winter crops and will contribute to the emergence of seedlings on late October crops.

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