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Review of the agrometeorological situation of August 28, 2018

Recent rains notably fulfilled moisture content in soil in the western and central parts of the Republic. According to recent visual observation data, 10 cm topsoil is in a moderate moist state in many areas of Belarus benefiting soil treatment, seed germination and emergence of winter rape seedlings. Winter rape sowed before August 20 came up, leaf formation started.
According to data of certain meteorological stations, topsoil is heavy moistened after intensive rains. Fieldwork are possible here but only selectively. Poor moistening of 10 cm topsoil remains in eastern part of the country with smaller quantity of precipitations; according to data of meteorological stations Berezino, Vasilevichi and Slavgorod, soil at depth of 10 cm is dry. There are difficulties in conducting agrotechnical works for soil preparation for winter cereal crops sowing in such sites, conditions are unfavourable for seedling emergence and further development of winter rape. In the coming days expected days should fulfill moisture content in soil

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