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Review of the agrometeorological situation of September 21, 2018

In the past period of September, temperature was favourable for winter crops development. 210-240°С of the effective temperature higher +5°С were accumulated in the northern part of the Republic during two decades of September, 250-280°С – in the southern part. It is 70-100°С more than average multi-year values. In this, because of precipitation deficit, moisture content especially in 10 cm topsoil was below optimal in many parts of the country. Rains past in the middle of September moistened topsoil, in general, moisture content in ploughing horizon increased only in some areas of Belarus.
According to operational determination of soil moisture made on the large territories of Grodno and Gomel regions, mane parts of Brest region and in some areas of remain regions, moisture content is satisfactory under winter crops as well as on the fields designed for theirs sowing – 11-20 mm of productive moisture is in the tilth-top soil. Moisture content is poor in the south-west of Mogilev region – 11-20 mm of productive moisture. Moisture deficit worsens agrometeorological conditions for emergence of winter crops seedlings and further development of plants. Content of productive moisture is close to normal in the tilth-top soil (more than 20 mm) on the remain territory of Belarus, mainly north-east and central parts). Seedlings of winter cereal crops are observed on most of the area, third leaf – on the early sowing. Leaf formation of winter rape is registered. 
In the coming days, expected rains will fulfill moisture content in soil. However, limiting factor for winter crops development is a decrease of temperature.

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