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Climate characteristic of April 2021

In April, the national average air temperature was + 6.5°C, which is 0.8°C lower than the climatic norm. This and colder April is observed on average throughout the country once every 2-3 years, and the last time in 2017. The negative anomaly spread throughout Belarus, reaching the highest values in the Brest region an average of -1.2°С in the region. The smallest negative deviations of temperature from the climatic norm were noted in the Vitebsk region (on average in the region -0.3°C).

Deviation of the average air temperature in April
from the climatic norm on the territory of Belarus

Daytime temperatures for most of the month generally exceeded the 10-degree mark, and on the warmest day during the day, the air temperature rose to +15 +20°C and higher. The maximum air temperature was recorded at the Lelchitsy station on April 30 and amounted to +22.3°С. Nighttime air temperatures generally ranged from -5 to + 8°C. The lowest air temperature for the month (-5.6°С) was recorded at Drogichin station on April 7.
The temperature regime was non-uniform throughout the month. In the first and third decades, the average air temperature was 0.6 and 3.9°C below the climatic norm, respectively, in the second decade -2.1°C above the norm.

Average air temperature and climatic norm
through the decades of April 2021 across the territory of Belarus

In April, an average of 35.7 mm of precipitation fell in Belarus, which amounted to 92% of the climatic norm. The largest amount of precipitation was noted on the territory of the Mogilev region 40.2 mm or 101% of the norm, the smallest on the territory of the Grodno region 29.4 mm or 75% of the norm.

Rainfall for April 2021 and climate norm
by regions and across the territory of Belarus

Thunderstorms and hail were observed in places throughout the month; fogs were observed at night and in the morning. At the beginning of the month, for a short time, a snow cover with a height of 1-7 cm formed across the country. On some days of the month, the wind in places increased in gusts of up to 15 m/s and more; the maximum wind speed was recorded at Oshmyany station on April 5 and 24 and amounted to 20 m/s.

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