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Climate characteristic of August 2023

The average air temperature in Belarus for August 2023 was +20.7°C, which is 2.7°C higher than the climatic norm. The current month took 2nd place in the ranked series of observations from the warmest to the coldest, since 1945.
Deviation of the average air temperature in August for the period 1991-2023. 
from the climatic norm (+18.0°C)

The positive air temperature anomaly spread throughout the country and was mainly in the range from 2.0 to 3.0°C. The smallest positive anomalies were noted in the extreme north of the country and amounted to 2.0°C or less. 
In the regional context, the highest values of positive deviations of air temperature from the climatic norm were noted in the Gomel region (+2.8°C on average in the region), in the Brest region the deviations were the smallest (+2.5°C).
Deviation (°C) of the average August air temperature
from the climatic norm on the territory of Belarus

The average air temperature of all three decades was above normal. The second and third decades turned out to be very hot with a positive anomaly of 3.6 and 3.7°C, respectively. 
The average air temperature and climatic norm
for the decades of August 2023 on the territory of Belarus

The daytime temperature during the month was mostly +20 +29°C, and on the warmest days it rose to +30°C or more. The maximum value (+34.5°C) air temperature reached on August 6 at the Lelchitsy station.
The air temperature at night was mostly in the range of +10 +20°C, and on the coldest nights at the end of the first decade, in places it dropped to +7 +9°C. On some days, tropical nights were recorded at many stations (the minimum air temperature per night was +20°C or more). The minimum air temperature was recorded at the Berezinsky Reserve station on August 9 and was +5.9 °C. 
During the month, an average of 81.5 mm of precipitation fell in the republic, which amounted to 128% of the climatic norm. Throughout the country, with the exception of individual observation points, there was an excess of precipitation: from 100 to 200% of the norm fell. 

Deviation (%) of the monthly precipitation amount for August
from the climatic norm on the territory of Belarus

By regions, the most precipitation was recorded in the territory of the Vitebsk region – an average of 113.7 mm or 159% of the norm in the region. Least of all – on the territory of the Mogilev region – 63.9 mm or 104% of the norm.
The amount of precipitation for August 2023 and the climatic norm by regions and on the territory of Belarus

During the first and third decades, there was an excess of precipitation: 44.4 and 25 mm of precipitation fell, or 208 and 108% of the decadal norm, respectively. In the second decade, there was a shortage of precipitation, 12.1 mm or 63% of the norm fell.  

The amount of precipitation and the climatic norm for the decades of August 2023 on the territory of Belarus

Precipitation fell in the form of rains. Thunderstorms were observed everywhere, in some areas – hail with a diameter of up to 18 mm (Mogilev), at night and in the morning – fogs. There was an increase in wind speed by gusts up to 15 m/s and more, in some places reaching the criterion of a dangerous hydrometeorological phenomenon (25 m/s and more). The maximum wind speed was recorded on August 20 at the Drogichin station (27 m/s) and on August 7 at the AMSG Orsha (36 m/s).
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