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Climate characteristic of March 2021

The average air temperature in Belarus in March 2021 was +1.1°C, which is 0.9°C higher than the climatic norm.
Deviation of average monthly air temperature in March
from the climatic norm in the Republic of Belarus

The above zero air temperature anomaly spread everywhere, reaching the highest values in the Vitebsk region (on average in the region of 1.3°C), and the lowest in the Gomel region (on the average in the region of 0.6°C). Daytime air temperatures throughout the month were mostly positive and ranged from +1 to +10°С, at the end of the month they rose to +15°С and higher. At night, the air temperature was mainly in the range from -10°C to +3°C, on the warmest nights, mainly at the end of the month, rising to +4 + 10°C. The minimum value of the air temperature was recorded on March 6 at the Yezerishche station (-17.9°С). The maximum value of the air temperature was registered in Pruzhany on March 31 and amounted to +20.6°С.
The air temperature in all three decades of March was above normal.

Average air temperature for decades of March 2021
and climatic norm for the Republic of Belarus

On average, 26.7 mm of precipitation fell in Belarus in March, which amounted to 68% of the climatic norm. Moisture deficit was observed throughout the country, with the exception of individual observation points in Vitebsk (Ezerishche, Vitebsk) and Gomel regions (Zhitkovichi), where the climatic norm and more precipitation fell during the month. The smallest amount was noted in the Brest region (19.1 mm of precipitation or 53% of the norm). The largest number was noted in the Vitebsk region (33.1 mm or 79% of the norm).

Rainfall for March 2021 and climate norm
by regions and across the territory of the Republic of Belarus

Precipitation in Belarus fell unevenly throughout the month. The first and third decades were dry, during which 31 and 42% of the ten-day norm fell, respectively. In the second decade, on average, the country received 133% of the ten-day precipitation rate.

Precipitation by decades in March 2021
and climatic norm for the Republic of Belarus

Precipitation fell in the form of rain, snow and sleet. In the first or second decades of March, the snow cover continued to collapse on the territory of the Vitebsk and Brest regions, while the rest of the country began to break down. On the last day of the month, snow cover was absent everywhere.
In March, an increase in wind speed with gusts of up to 15 m/s and more was noted. The maximum wind speed was recorded in Soligorsk on March 7 and amounted to 22 m/s. On some days, snowstorms, fogs, icy and frost phenomena were observed in places, icy roads were observed on the roads.

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