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Climate characteristic of October 2021

The average air temperature in Belarus in October 2021 was +7.3°C, which is 0.6°C higher than the climatic norm. The above zero temperature anomaly spread throughout the country. The highest values of positive deviations of air temperature from the climatic norm were noted in the Grodno region (+ 1.0ºС), the lowest - in the Gomel region (+0.1ºС).
Deviation of the average air temperature in October from the climatic norm in the Republic of Belarus

The temperature regime was non-uniform throughout the month.
The first and second ten days of October were cold with an average air temperature of 0.7°C and 0.9°C below normal. The air temperature of the third decade was 3.0°C above normal.

Average air temperature for decades of October 2021
and climatic norm for the territory of the Republic of Belarus

The air temperature during the day was within +6 +13°С, and on the warmest day, daytime temperatures exceeded the 15-degree mark. The maximum air temperature reached on October 21 at Bragin station and amounted to +21.1°С.
Nighttime temperatures for most of the month were in the range of -3 + 9°С, in the coldest nights they dropped to -5°С and below. The minimum air temperature was recorded at the Yezerishche station on October 9 and amounted to -6.6°С.
In October 2021, there was a shortage of precipitation across the country and an average of 14.5 mm (29% of the climatic norm) fell. Precipitation throughout the country fell unevenly. The most humidified was the Vitebsk region, on the territory of which 30.7 mm or 52% of the norm fell per month. The least precipitation fell on the territory of the Gomel region was 3.9 mm or 8% of the climatic norm. So dry here was noted for the second time during the observation period since 1945.

Rainfall for October 2021 and climate norm
by regions and across the territory of the Republic of Belarus

The lack of precipitation was noted in all three decades (14%, 35% and 38%, respectively).

Precipitation and climatic norm for decades of October 2021
on the territory of the Republic of Belarus

Precipitation fell in the form of rains; on some days, wet snow fell in places. Fogs were observed in some places at night and in the morning, ice was observed at Lida station on October 13, hail was observed at Stolbtsy station on October 14. In some areas there was an increase in wind gusts of 15 m/s and more. The maximum wind speed was recorded at Slutsk station on October 22 (21 m/s).

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